Sunday, November 03, 2013

Starting afresh

Its been a while since Ive blogged and a while since this blog was open to the public.

That's mainly because of the horrid little scrotes that go to my son's school who saw fit to 'google' him. Having found this blog, and all those little stories Ive told about him over the years, they proceeded to make fun of him and make his life miserable at school.

So, I shut this blog down. Until today that is. Today I finally finished sending the last of my posts to Blurb to make volume 11 of my blog books, which meant I could then, sadly, delete all my posts since I began in 2005.

So now I start afresh.

I'll be starting a new blog shortly, with a new name, that will not contain names (or at least identifiable names), possibly a private blog so that my son will not be a target.

If anyone out there that may still pop over here from time to time to see if Ive got out of my blogging slump, would like to join me at my new blog, please feel free to email me for an invitation.

Little shits, all I can say is Karma is a bitch and they better watch out.